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The Application of Shining Film

Paper & printing

Paper & printingPaper after printing or embossed processing and coated with Shining films, may use in the print articles, the gift package, the color box, the colored ribbon, the package paper, the shopping bag, the greeting card, the stationery, the anti-counterfeit label, the covers of book and publication, the forgery-proof trademark, the window displaying stickers and decorations.






Fabrics & weavings

fabrics & weavingsAfter coated other plastic films, it can be slit with fine laces to use in textiles and on weaving goods, high-quality fabrics. After laminated with cloth, it is available for doll's clothes, the table cloth, the platform decoration, the actress dress, the ribbon and fashion accessories, and the ball-flower and so on.







Plastic & artificial leather

plastic & artificial leatherIt can be used in the artificial leather, the wrist belt of watches and models. Also it can be used in plastic bags/bottles, the cosmetic jars, the household goods, the suitcase, the shoes material, the light-cover, the toy, the helmet, the bath curtain, the curtain and the umbrella.








Food packing

food packingThe multilayer films may serve as the candy packing material directly, the environmental protection goods, uses in the package of candy, the chocolate and snack package, festival celebrates food decoration such as cakes and gifts.









Flowers & handicrafts

flowers & handicraftsUses in the Christmas decorations, the holiday greeting cards, the flowers and plants packing, the flower ornaments decoration, the handicraft material, It can also be used as sequins, make up or clothes etc.