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Shining film, Rainbow film

Shining film / Rainbow filmOur Shining film is a kind of outstanding colorful product. That is different from the general blown or extrusion films which only solely transparent or colored by master-batch or printing. Although Shining film has 10 – 30 microns in thickness, actually it contains 100 to 200 layers of 2-3 different polymers. It illustrates the principle that sun-light shining on the different layers of the construct and will reflect with different multi gradation colors, from blue turns to green and then red, changed perspectives gradually. Besides, using different raw materials and seeing in the different angle, the shinning film will reach a brilliant optical performance through the usage of light-interference that will cause an iridescent and attractive effect. It is really a breakthrough step in packaging films field.


Shining film / Rainbow filmThe Shining films may be used independently as the packing material, may also been coated with other substrates as paper, the plastic films, the cloth, the fabrics and plastic leathers or other products. May also been processed as the filament, the fine lace, the slice, the shred and the sequins. The characteristic rainbow color of the shinning films coated with paper or substrates colors, the printings or embossed pattern and other processing may present the countless vision impression.


The general specification of Shining films:

Grade Number Specs Polymer Approximate
Heat Resistance
Max. Process Temp. Color Loss Temp.
STC-14-(紫) L(复合) PET 14 1.25 81℃ 175℃
L(复合) PET 16 1.25 81℃ 175℃
L(复合) PET 18 1.25 81℃ 175℃

Shining film / Rainbow film